Simple Strategies for The Savvy Domain Name Investor

Published: 31st March 2011
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You should avoid ever thinking all the money has been made on the net, or there is no room for you or anything like that. The overall approach and thinking is something totally new if you are speculating giving it a good run for your money. Buying a domain name that will prove to be profitable for you involves many different rules that you need to follow. Obviously there are unknowns with this process, but that is nothing new because there are unknowns in all business models. Hence today's discussion about this interesting and challenging online business.

If you ever spot one of those really short and just excellent domains, well we hope you have your money saved-up for it.

Longer phrased names are associated with long-tail keywords, and they tend to have little value, generally speaking. You can have two short names, but the one that is for a more lucrative market will command a higher resale price. You can find real gems behind a name that does not necessarily fit the mold of the perfect name. Nowadays, you can hardly find a domain name that's 2 or 3 characters, so it's a waste of time looking for this. Just use your common sense when selecting your domain name, especially when it comes down to the size. Wait Until You Sell: If you think you have a domain name that could prove to be a winner in the long run, then don't sell it, not at least now. There are many times when the value of domain name shoots up as time goes by; so if you feel that your domain is going to be worth it in the future, then it's better you let it stay, rather than selling it for a low price now. Allocating money for domains is parallel to allocating your money toward virtual real estate, therefore having your investments provide you with revenue in the future, is something not all people are blessed with.

Being an efficient domain name investor requires you to study and spend a lot of time researching, reading, going through forums, domain marketplaces, etc. There are many domain investors on the net, and one thing that distinguishes success from lack of it is knowledge plus experience gained.

Unfortunately nothing can really take the place of hard experience, but you can learn a tremendous amount and study successful domain investments. One other possibility involves trend watching so you can spot something happening and buy a great domain based on that. You can build a good business on this model, but you need to be willing to maintain current knowledge across several fronts. All in all, from the above article it becomes clear that domain investing will work for anyone, as long as they focus on building a strong foundation. In other words, if you're not going to put in the effort to have a great start, you'll end up going in the wrong direction. The smart business person will get over their mistakes and only take the lessons learned with them. We believe there is wisdom in learning from mistakes because you tend to remember them better.
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